Higher, Faster, Further,” the corporate spirit that has been upheld by Vedan, meant to pursue a higher goal, faster efficiency and to explore further into areas that go beyond regular values. Being strictly self-disciplined, Vedan believes that only by becoming higher, faster and further, can the company truly understand the voices of the consumers and respond to the market demand immediately.With a management philosophy that focuses on innovation, professionalism, modesty, and excellence, Vedan is an environmentally conscious, customer-oriented and employee-caring company that makes every effort to seek breakthroughs and innovations, to maintain our active corporate energy.


Vedan chicken flavor seasoning is extracted from chicken, which saves time for chicken stews and is suitable for hot dishes and marinating meat before being fried or roasted.

Flavored seasoning has been well-known among Cambodian housewives for a long time. In the past, it took very long time for chop stews to have a sweet flavor. But now, the pork flavor seasoning provided by Vedan can help Cambodian housewives make meals faster, easier and tastier.